Thursday, September 13, 2012

A notice of halloween, rather early

It seems as if each year, the acknowledgement of Halloween is coming earlier and earlier. I remember thinking last year during the last week of September, that it seemed Halloween came really early in stores and what not.

This year, half way through the month, Halloween stuff is already here in stores like Target, and there's a Halloween specialty store that is soon to be open right next door to Target. I am not complaining, as it makes it easier for people like me to buy things for ones room to use all year around (such as a small skull that I bought today from Target, in fact. That will be there day in and day out, even when October is long gone), yet it just seems like Halloween is getting a little more acknowledgement more and more each year.

I myself never celebrated Halloween. I never went out Trick or Treating, nor did I really decorate the house for the day (even though I like the spooky stuff and tend to buy stuff just for decorating sake, not Halloween sake), but I did always like the dark and spooky since I was young.

Maybe people are warming up to the idea that the spooky isn't all bad, or maybe people just like the idea of "dressing up" at least once a year (a practice I never really understood, to be honest). Whatever the reason may be, I like to see the slightly spooky as I go out, even if for a little while.

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