Thursday, September 13, 2012

A resurgence

After a rather long absence, I decided to start anew with my blog. My older blog, which had the same title, had a lot of reviews and writings that I had put a lot of effort into. I had put general ideas down, reviews, and other assortment of things relating to that of a darker nature.

I then deleted it. I got to the point where I wasn't writing, and felt as though there was little to no point for it being there. It seemed if I couldn't get a blog written, reviewed, edited, and eventually posted within about a weeks time, why continue with it.

I however decided to make a return after realizing there was a point of the blog, which was to discuss the things I love, whether or not the blog had actually gotten any views. I loved reviewing things of a dark nature, and writing for the sake of writing to get ideas out.

I'm sure that this time, the darkness will not die, as shadows may fade only to return in another form.

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