Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Horrors, girls, and a body in the web.

Well, here's an interesting one. This is a German - Yugoslav film released in 1960 and directed by Fritz Böttger. Upon a quick look at Wikipedia and Internet Movie Database, this film goes by a number of titles such as Body in the Web, It's Hot in Paradise, Horrors of Spider Island, The Body in the Web, and Girls of Spider Island.

It's always good to have a few different titles for a film, just in case someone forgets what movie you're talking about, that way you can throw another title at them to see if they'd remember exactly what it is that you're referring to.

When it was originally released in the U.S., it was a chopped 75 minute "Adults Only" film under the Hot in Paradise title, which recieved an even more edited version with the Horrors of Spider Island title. The version I'll be covering is the Horrors of Spider Island version. Keep in mind that I did not hunt down any particular version of the film, as it was included in a sci-fi box set I had recently purchased.

The plot is as follows, after hiring a number of female dancers, an oddball dance manager named Gary travels with his new employees by plane bound for Singapore to work at a dance club. On their journey, their plane catches fire and crashes. Days go by and Gary's assistants back home are left in the dark of their fate, but however one faithful assistant has hope, boldly saying "There is nothing to worry about, all we know is their plane caught fire and we lost radio contact."

Well, we soon enough find out that Gary and his girls made it out of the plane alive, as they some how procured a inflatable boat and were stranded as sea for four days, rationing out scraps of food. They soon find an deserted island, where they set up camp.

As a few more days go by, many of the girls seem to come on to Gary, which causes him to go out for a walk alone to get away from from all the stress. As he takes his walk, he is attacked by a giant mutated spider and gets bitten, which oddly enough causes him to turn into what looks like a werewolf, not a spider-man mutant as one would expect.

 He soon then terrorizes the girls, which instead of causing them to band together, causes much in fighting to the point of throwing blows and rolling on the floor, for two of the women at least. Not long after, two men on a scientific study come to the island and meet the group of women, and decide to hang out for the party until one of the men and the girl he was accompanying get attacked and killed. Those remaining go and hunt down Gary and eventually kill him by pushing him in what appears to be quicksand.

All in all, this film was a rather poor film. The pacing was off, and even if it was the unedited version, I doubt the pacing could had survived. You could tell it was more of a "beautiful women stranded alone" exploitation type film with a 'monster' thrown in to pass it off as a horror or sci-fi movie. The story was lacking, to the point where you actually had to look for it.

I was expecting more "horrors" of the monster roaming around, as implied by the title, but it being a low budget edit of an exploitation film, I guess I should have known better. It was a pretty terrible film, but if you're truly curious and love low budget films as I do, then go ahead and go for it.

PLEASE NOTE: this is going to be one of very few films where I review a "bad" movie for the sake of it being bad. From this point out, I will be covering stuff that is actually good in one form or another and is, at least slightly, more competent than this. If you were to send me an e-mail requesting something, I ask to please not have it be a "It's SO bad...you should rip it to shreds" e-mail, mostly because not only do I actually enjoy these films, I also find it hard to write legitimate posts reviewing these low grade films, as I may have exemplified with this particular post. Plus, I also like giving legitimate reviews, not "bad reviews for the sake of giving a bad review" type of thing like some entertainers on the net do. Every once in a while I'll most likely do a b-movie review as like I said, I love them myself, but they tend to be a little challenging to write about, for me at least.

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