Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well, September is finally over, and October has begun. Even though technically, Autumn officially starts on September 22nd, I've always felt as though Autumn started with the first of October, or at least within the first week and a half or so.

I'm glad to see at least most of the heat behind us, and look forward to the days cooling off as well as seeing the darker and warmer colors associated with autumn. I am one person who just cannot not stand Summer, and everything associated with it. I have a low tolerance for heat and I don't really like the "summer activities" such as going to the beach and what not.

Autumn, on the other hand, is a much better season. The air starts to cool, and the atmosphere begins to change, as if there is a lingering darkness throughout the entire season. Like a forest dusk, I've always associated this season with a murkiness that seems to comfort more than any other time of year. I'm relaxed and not too hot to feel miserable, unlike summertime. There seems to be something in the air that just....helps make me feel at ease.

 Maybe since Halloween is right around the corner, that creates a mood for everyone to be more on the darker side of things, or maybe it's just the transition of weather that puts every one in that state of mind. Whatever it is, I'm certainly glad it's there, as it helps me to feel good.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like even grocery stores tend to have a certain atmosphere during the Autumn season that is different than any other season. I tend to smell certain smells more often during fall than say spring or summer time. Maybe it's a seasonal fruit, or maybe I just walk past an area that I usually do not.

I'm certainly looking forward to the coming months, I have some upcoming reviews I'll be posting to lead up to Halloween, and I plan on writing more observationally on the sights I see in terms of decorations and what not (maybe I'll even get a few pictures of what I see, if it's cool enough and I'm comfortable posting pictures taken of things and peoples houses). Plus I look forward to the upcoming cooling off and hope the coming weeks stay below 90 degrees.

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