Saturday, December 22, 2012

The day of doom is upon us....well it was upon us, supposedly

I'm full aware this is going to be an over cliche topic as I'm writing this, but think of it this way, I'm working my way back to writing more. I'm probably going to just use this as my working back in post, and not even bother with grammatical and structural editing, but rather just a quick opinion type post.

Anyways, here I am, writing on December 22st, 2012 with a glass of Dr. Pepper at my side and the TV going. Unless we're all ghosts now, and we're just living our lives in a Matrix like world, I think it's safe to say the world has not ended.

There were no rumblings of the Earth, planets crashing causing a cataclysmic destruction, and no aliens landing destroying our major cities. Was yesterday supposed to be the final FULL day? Maybe, but doubtful.

I can honestly say that I did not believe the whole end-of-the-world theory, not even when I heard of it 10+ years ago. Why? Mostly from the most obvious, it's hard to predict the exact date of such a cataclysmic and sudden event, unless there was in fact a planet hurtling at us, which there wasn't (There was that asteroid that was supposed to hit us in 2040, but last I read, based off calculations it's supposed to miss us. But we were wrong about the Mayan calender, so who knows).

I am not one to say that the world will never end. I have my own personal beliefs (which I will not go into detail on this blog) to which I believe that one day, it will in fact end. However, to say an ancient civilization predicted the exact date of the end of the world with a counting system and calender they had made, in my mind, was a little preposterous.

Reason being is that it seemed as though they were  very good mathematicians who ended up making a calender and counting system for themselves. Saying the Mayans predicted the end of the world with their calender, to me, is like saying that the household calender predicts the end of the world because it ends on December 31st (or, depending on what you buy, it may even go into February the next year as a bit of padding).

So lets be glad that we all will see 2013, and that we have our entire lives ahead of us. Chances are, I may not make a post until after Christmas, but I may end up doing a review of something Christmas related anyhow, just for the sake of doing so. I've got three movies in mind I want to do, but will only write on one of them, since it's only THREE DAYS until Christmas!!

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