Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book updates

Just wanted to make a quick post about a couple books I had recently bought at a Barnes & Nobel not too long ago. I got the hard cover editions of not only Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, but also Dracula by Bram Stoker. These two books are published Barnes & Nobel, however the nice part of these novels is that nowhere on the actual covers do they say this. You do not know that they are publish by the store until you look at the pages and see on one of the pages.

The covers for each of the books are simple, yet very nice and represent each of the novels very well. I will post the respective books covers as I review them.

Now, I will not be reviewing either Dracula or Frankenstein in this particular post, as I haven't read either one and I'm currently reading a Micheal Connelly detective novel. Although I do plan on reviewing the novels in the near future, just know that they are a number of weeks and blogs down the line.

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